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» Dora y sus amigos ¡Un vuelo fantástico!

Dora y sus amigos ¡Un vuelo fantástico!

Escrito por Maverick el . Posteado en Videojuegos

Precio: 20,50€

Unete a los héroes matemáticos Milli, Geo y Bot, y a los exploradores Dora y Botas mientras buscan las piezas perdidas de su aeronave mágica y surca los cielos con tus amigos de Nickelodeon. Resuelve problemas, completa secuencias, practica el reconocimiento de números y muchas cosas más en este viaje sin igual. Características: – Busca objetos ocultos en junglas, playas, montañas y bosques con Dora, Botas, Geo y Bot. – Busca cristales de aire ocultos en árboles y otros objetos con más amigos de Nickelodeon. – ¡Personaliza la aeronave con supercolores! – Los niños pueden aprender y desarrollar nuevas habilidades. Pueden practicar distintos ejercicios como ordenar números, resolver problemas para quitar cúmulos de nieve, completar secuencias para cruzar barrancos e identificar formas mientras construyen la aeronave. – El juego ha sido probado por niños y aprobado por un experto en educación para asegurar un máxima diversión y aprendizaje.



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  • Truman


    I am a platinum ciusre member and am very dissapointed with the gem s new nickelondeon status. I live in n.y. and don’t enjoy flying. I like cruising from ny. I have ciusred 28 times previously with my husband and intend to ciusre much more when we’re are able to retire. We have a grown child, and do not like cruising with exceptionally large amounts of children, as the nickelodeon ciusres tend to attrack. We liked the ncl jewel , until the next time there were way too many kids on board. Okay so we ciusred on the gem and was about to book my next Thankgiving ciusre coming up. Now it looks like I will not get the peace and enjoyment I crave on this ship any longer. I will have to travel to Cape Liberty,NJ to ciusre in the future . I find this very sad that NCL is not allowing an option available for those of us that do not want to deal with large amounts of unparented kids. We took the New years ciusre and it ended up with 1200, kids under the age of 18 years. That’s not counting the the other teens hanging in staircases and elevators throughout the ship. I realize it was a holiday week with a lot of people having off; but add in the nickelodeon factor, and you’re going to possibly loose more people like me who also ciusre out of NY. I really hope you reconsider this decision! I am now very unhappy with NCL. Sincerely, Diane M. Fischer


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